Affordable Condos at Familia Apartments

What are the advantages of living in Familia Apartments?

  1. Affordable
  2. Low-Rise Development
  3. Guaranteed Safety
  4. Convenient

Have you recently gotten married and are looking for your first home? Or have you found a new career path? A condominium may be the perfect place to start your new life. Condos are great places to settle down since you have proximity to neighbors, maintenance staff for repairs, and plenty of engaging activities to do within the community.

If you are looking for affordable condos in Cagayan de Oro, then you need to take a look at Pueblo de Oro. This 400-hectare development houses Familia Apartments, a seven-building condominium development that upholds the gold standard of Pueblo de Oro’s community living.

Familia Apartments is located near essential establishments while also being surrounded by the lush greenery of Cagayan de Oro. The project is bounded by the Pueblo Urban Rainforest, which gives its residents fresh air to breathe every day. It is also easily accessible through public transportation as it is near the city proper.

If you have been looking for affordable condos in Cagayan de Oro, Familia Apartments at Pueblo de Oro is the ideal choice for you.


A couple dressed in white holding a piggy bank and a cardboard house

Owning a condo is a budget-friendly option that is easily sustainable for young professionals and families. At Familia Apartments, each resident is given a Condominium Certificate of Title. This means that you are solely responsible for the maintenance of your own unit. On the other hand, your homeowner’s association fees will handle the maintenance of the common areas around you.

First-time homeowners will appreciate the convenience of a low-maintenance condominium. This also applies to avid travelers who are rarely home. When you first start living alone or with a new family, you may find it challenging to shell out a lot of money. Your savings are substantial, and if you do not get the quality you deserve, you may have some second thoughts on your investment.

Starting a new life is better when you find a place that suits your preferences without being too overpriced. Pueblo de Oro’s Familia Apartments are affordable, high-quality and built with convenience in mind.

Low-Rise Development

A young asian family sitting on the grass playing with their young son

Pueblo de Oro’s Familia Apartments is a low-rise development complete with amenities and facilities that can be exclusively enjoyed by residents. Feel free to use the multipurpose hall for essential events. If you love spending time outside, there are areas within the development that you can relax in. The open space is perfect for nature lovers who are looking to relax or for a quiet place to catch up on some books. No need to worry about parking as there is a gravel parking lot available for use.

Guaranteed Safety

A shot of a building's emergency exit

Not only are you paying for good amenities but the homeowner’s association fees also cover your safety and security. Busy young professionals may not be able to come home frequently because of conflicting schedules. If anything, you might come back late. Condos create a peace of mind with security personnel on the premises. This also prevents potential home break-ins. The fact that you live closely with other people is a bonus as you have plenty of people to approach in case you need assistance.

The buildings themselves are also designed with safety in mind for the occupants. It is inclusive of dual stairwells, a fire protection system, underground cisterns, and septic vaults. The development is built for Cagayan de Oro’s environment while still putting a great emphasis on nature and naturalism.


Close up of a person carrying a paper bag full of groceries

When choosing a condo, it is vital that you choose one in a convenient location. Young professionals and families should not have to commute far and go through heavy traffic to get to their destination. The condo should also be located in a prime area that is easily accessible through different modes of transportation. The low-rise condominium units of Familia Apartments are situated near uptown Cagayan de Oro. It is 4-5 minutes away from SM City Cagayan de Oro, Xavier University Elementary and High School, Concentrix, as well as Pueblo Business Park.

Everything you need is just one ride away. Never miss a day of school or work with the smooth ride down to these areas. Pueblo de Oro also offers a transport service that can bring you to SM City Cagayan de Oro and Familia Apartments on a regular basis.

Key Takeaway

Choose Familia Apartments for your first home. If you are looking for an affordable condo in Cagayan de Oro, Pueblo de Oro has Familia Apartments ready for occupancy. Discover the convenience of natural, urban living with all the facilities and amenities you need in one area. It is the perfect starter home for any young professional or family looking for affordable yet high-quality housing.

Experience Pueblo de Oro’s gold standard community living by clicking here!


How to Get Your Kids into Sports


More and more kids these days are starting to live sedentary lives, becoming prone to obesity at such young ages. Aren’t you worried? We are. That’s why in Pueblo de Oro sites, we provide ample space for your kids to develop a more active lifestyle.

Technology has been a great help in everyday life, but when left unchecked, it can also set up your kids for bad habits throughout their lives. With extensive technological advancement, the young generation is getting more and more addicted to the homely comfort.

Physical activity is one of the most important parts of a child’s health, well-being, and learning. A strong body makes the mind strong. This is why inculcating a sense of sportsmanship at an early age is so important. Sports can teach your kids life skills and discipline.

Hence, here are some ways you can get your kids hooked on sports:

Leading by Example

Remember that kids are sponges who absorb their understanding of life by watching their parents. Start proving the value of sports by participating in them yourself. If your kid sees you lying on the couch watching TV all day, they will have little reason to believe that exercise is truly an important part of life.

Join Them in Play

It is advisable to the parents and elders to take the kids to the backyard or the nearby park or playground on regular occasions and play with them. Since a child forms their idea of normalcy by observing your behaviors, you can best impart the importance of sports on them by doing fun athletic activities together. A child’s tendency to associate sports with fun starts with you, the parent.

Keep It Fun

Just as kids learn that sports are important by watching their parents participate in them, they also learn that sports are fun by watching people enjoy themselves while playing them. When you are at home, watch and enjoy the live football or baseball matches on television with your children. If possible, take your kids along to watch the matches live at the stadiums. This will grow their interest in sports and eventually they will develop a likeness for a particular sport.

Encourage, Don’t Force

No one likes a chore. Your role in getting your child involved in sports is to frame them as fun rather than yet another obligation. Don’t get too hung up on pushing your child to practice drills. While you will surely want to instill work ethic in them, don’t lose sight of the number one goal: they should be having fun while exercising.

Coach Them at an Early Age

Most preschoolers aren’t ready for organized team sports. Provide them with professional coaching in their specific field of sports. Identify their likes and dislikes and encourage them to explore their passion under expert supervision.


Fun Amusement Parks in Pampanga


Are you ready to have fun? Pueblo de Oro Pampanga offer homes near different amusement parks that offer exciting attractions for visitors from all places. Snagging a Park Place II unit won’t just give you a home; it will give you access to a fun and carefree lifestyle your family deserves.

From reaching the sky to playing indoor sports, you will surely have an amusing time in these theme parks! Check out our list of fun amusement parks in Pampanga here:

Sky Ranch Pampanga

Address: Jose Abad Santos Avenue | SM City San Fernando, San Fernando, Luzon 2201, Philippines

Sky Ranch Pampanga offers fun and excitement for people in North Luzon. Located beside SM City Pampanga, it has 22 different rides that cater to visitors of all ages such as the Loop Roller Coaster, Super Viking, Wonder Flight, Music Express, and the main attraction, Pampanga Eye. Entrance to the park is free, while the price range for rides is from PhP50 to PhP150.

Aqua Planet

Address: Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City, Luzon 2023, Philippines

Aqua Planet in Clark, Pampanga is said to be the largest water-themed park in Southeast Asia with over 38 water slides and attractions. Just a 2-hour drive from Manila, Aqua Planet is a 10-hectare, world-class water theme park filled with fun and exciting attractions fit for the whole family.


Address: Alviera, Porac, Luzon, Philippines

SandBox is a two-hectare adventure destination with a unique selection of facilities that provides memorable outdoor experience for everyone. Among its most popular attractions are the Giant Swing, the country’s tallest swing, an Aerial Walk Challenge, Avatar One, and Adventure Tower.

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Dinosaurs Island

Address: Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City, Luzon 2009, Philippines

Our very own version of the Jurassic Park exists in the form of the Dinosaurs Island located in Clark, Pampanga. Take a trip back to the dinosaur era where you’ll get to see how big dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops are, since all displays were made based on actual fossil sizes. To make it more realistic, you’ll see their mouth and legs move around, as well as hear loud roars and growling sounds.



Tips in Buying Pre-Owned Homes


A property seeker is always hesitant when it comes to buying second-hand homes. This is because such properties could eventually cost you a fortune in renovations if you are not cautious. Also, there is a myriad of other potential problems like finding out that the extension on the terrace is illegal, or the papers are fraudulent, or that it will cost you lots of money to repair the faulty electrical wiring.

However, buying a second-hand house can actually be a smart move. Buying a pre-owned home has its advantages. For instance, a pre-owned home is more affordable, more likely to be in a central location, is usually in a neighborhood where people know each other, has a lot of character, and a time saver. Spare yourself from possible buyer’s remorse, and check out some of our tips when buying a pre-owned home.

Know Where to Look

The best places to find pre-owned real estate properties for sale are banks and local government institutions such as the Home Development Mutual Fund, or PAG-IBIG.

Schedule a Visit or Inspection

Determine the real condition of the house yourself by asking a professional inspector for help. Check if the basic structure, floor plan and infrastructure remain sturdy and durable. A great buy would be one with no major fixes and allows you to move in to your new home soon.

Consider the Location

The location is just as important as the house itself. An older home is usually located right at the heart of reputable and recognized neighborhood. If it is located within a good school system, a nearby transportation, market or grocery, then finding a home priced to accommodate the necessary updates could be a good deal.

Verify Documents

Check the title and latest property tax receipt. The title will not only tell you how old the property is but it will also let you know if the property had a chain of previous owners. You can never be too careful with the paperwork. To be safe, you must trace the ownership for a minimum of 20 years and a maximum of three generations, depending on the age of the house.

Check the Market Value of the Property

To ensure that you will not be paying more than you should, go through the current price trends and get an estimate or seek an expert to help you evaluate the second hand property against similar properties in the area. Find out if there are possibilities of value addition to the property, which may increase its worth in the future.

Buying a pre-owned property or a second-hand home entails lots of patience and due diligence. But getting it for a bargain price should be more than enough motivation and be able to convince you that what you purchased is more than what you paid for. Luckily, if that’s not enough motivation for you, we have other affordable options here at Pueblo de Oro. Check out some of our best home choices here.


Affordable Beaches in Lapu-Lapu City

AFFORDABLE BEACHES IN LAPU-LAPU CITYFor a tropical country like the Philippines, it’s just natural that we crave some Vitamin Sea from time to time.  However, is your budget stopping you from enjoying summer? Don’t fret. Cebu, specifically, Lapu-lapu City, is a popular destination for a beach retreat as it is home to world-class resorts, welcoming vacationers from around the globe every day. And it doesn’t have to drill a hole in your wallet either.

At Pueblo de Oro Cebu, the perfect getaway to relax and unwind on a budget, is within your reach. We’ve compiled a list of affordable beaches in Lapu-lapu City.

Karancho Beach Resort Mactan, Cebu

Address: Looc, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu

Phone: (032) 263 2513

Karancho Beach Resort is a resort in Mactan, close to Cebu White Sands resorts offering simple affordable accommodation. Cottages for day use, function halls and grilling facilities are available. It’s also popular with the locals on weekends. For weekdays on the other hand, pay only P80 entrance fee, and you can already enjoy a day (6AM-6PM) of dipping in clear sea water or basking in the sun.

Mactan Newtown Beach

Address: Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu

Phone: (032) 316 2715

If you are itching to hit the beach that is just accessible from Metro Cebu while not worrying about the cleanliness and safety of the place, the Mactan Newtown Beach is the perfect choice for you.  With white, sandy shores and an entrance fee of P150 on weekdays and P200 on weekends, it is foolproof one of Mactan’s beautiful economical gem destinations to spend a hot day.

Tambuli Beach Resort Mactan Cebu

Address: Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Phone: (032) 406 3864

Tambuli Beach Resort has a small white sand shoreline and several swimming pools for adults and children. The resort is just 10-15 minutes from Mactan Cebu International Airport, and 40-45 minutes to Cebu City proper. Entrance fee is P200/head every Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and P150/head on weekdays. Children 5 years old and below are free of charge.

Hadsan Beach Resort Mactan Cebu

Address: Lapu-lapu City Cebu; 6015 Mactan

Phone, (032) 495 2056

The quaint Hadsan Cove Beach Resort is considered the most affordable among the major beach resorts in the Mactan/Lapu-Lapu area. Entrance fee is only PhP50, both on weekend and weekdays. Ain’t that a bargain?


Best Adventure Parks in the Philippines


For those who love extreme sports or just fun in general, why not visit an adventure park? Did you know that there’s a lot of adventure parks in the Philippines? We were surprised as well.

Essentially, an adventure park is a place which contains a wide variety of elements, including but not limited to, rope climbing exercises, obstacle courses, bouldering, rock climbing, target oriented activities, and zip-lines. “Recreational-oriented” adventure parks are usually designed for a larger volume of visitors.

With water parks, underwater destinations, and Instagram-worthy spots near quality developments like Pueblo de Oro, we can definitely say that the Philippines is a dreamplace — especially for travellers. Here are some of the adventure parks you can add to your bucket list right away:


Laiya Adventure Park

The first of its kind in Batangas, the Laiya Adventure Park is just a short drive away from Manila — even shorter if you live in Pueblo de Oro Batangas. You can enjoy their ziplines, wall climb, free fall, rappel wall, infinity pool, aerial walk, and giant swing facilities.
Address: Sitio Lumbangan, Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas
Contact: 0977-832-0630
Packages start at P300/head++


Sandbox Adventure Park

Pampanga’s SandBox has Asia’s first roller coaster zip line and the tallest giant swing in the Philippines. Among its most popular outdoor attractions are archery and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or utility task vehicle (UTV) driving. If you live in Pueblo de Oro Pampanga, this site can be a regular weekend getaway.
Address: Alviera, Porac, Pampanga
Contact: 0917-803-3099
Packages start at P450/head++


Danao Adventure Park

Danao Adventure Park is an ecotourism concept set up to benefit the Municipality of Danao, Bohol and its people. This facility, with a huge nature park that used to be a base camp, is initiated and run by the local government. Its most extreme attraction is the Plunge which drops you from a 200-meter-high gorge where you first have to do a 45-meter free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing of up to 100 meters in diameter. Doesn’t that sound exciting?
Address: Buenavista-Carmen-Danao-Jetafe Road, Danao, Bohol
Contact: (038) 412-2338 local 6111
Entrance fee is at P40


Eden Nature Park and Resort

Eden Nature Park has been catering to extreme sports lovers in Davao for almost two decades. Aside from the usual zip line and trapeze, the resort also offers SkyRider, which is biking on top of a very fine cable for a total of 400 meters while being 60 feet above ground. Other attractions include skyswing, horseback riding, fishing village, and skywheel.
Address: Eden Toril, Davao City
Contact: (082) 299-1020
Packages start at P450/head++


CDO Foodtrip: Best Places to Eat in CDO

CDO Foodtrip Best Places to Eat in CDO

If you think about food trips, you don’t immediately think of Cagayan de Oro. The city boasts of outdoor and water activities, but not everybody knows, when it comes to food, CDO has a lot of food hubs to be explored. In fact, a food trip in Cagayan de Oro is a terrific idea!

Cagayan de Oro is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  It is dubbed as the “Gateway to Mindanao” mainly because it is one of the most highly urbanized cities in the region. People from neighboring provinces and tourists really make an effort to travel and visit this wonderful city.

However, did you know that Cagayan de Oro is not just a place of outdoor adventures but also of great places to dine? Yes, it is. If you’re planning to visit the city, then you’re in luck! Here are the best restaurants to include in your food trip in CDO:

Kagay-Anon Restaurant

Filipino food lovers rejoice for Kagay-Anon Restaurant! While the place exudes a rather formal and traditional ambience, the seafood dishes in this resto are really good. We recommend that you ask for the dishes to be cooked in bamboo. Don’t miss out on the Ostrich Salpicao. It’s also best to get buko for a drink. The food might take a little longer to be served though.

Address: Level 2, Limketkai Center | Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines

Cucina Higala

Looking for the crispiest crispy pata and chicharon bulaklak? Look no further. Cucina Higala prides itself with these delicacies as well as sinuglaw, blue marlin, and even sizzling binaki. Guaranteed there will be no leftovers after you’re done. Add to that the smiling and highly accommodating crew, your food trip will truly be a happy stop that you wouldn’t want to leave.

Address: Mabini Street | Capistrano Mabini Streets, Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao 9000, Philippines

Tel No: +63 917 794 6118

Boy Zugba

Nice food, great service, and a homey atmosphere – Boy Zugba fits the bill. Plus, this place is perfect for the family. Try their kinilaw and grilled chicken, you can never go wrong with these. Also, their unlimited rice may just satiate your starving soul. Some honorable mentions include sinigang na salmon sa miso, baked scallops, sisig, and bisaya express.

Address: Corrales Ave-Ramon Chavez Street, Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao 9000, Philippines

Tel No: +63 88 880 5555

Thai Me Up

Looking for something a bit international for your food trip? Thai Me Up offers authentic, sumptuous, and affordable food in a cozy spot inside a mall. Their Pad Thai and Kang Kong my just be that weird craving you’re looking to satisfy. With great service and yummy food, it has earned its place in the list.

Address: Capistrano Mabini Street | 1st Floor Ayala Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines

Tel No: +63 917 323 7018

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Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant

Last but certainly not least, we have Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant. They offer a Caesar salad so good that you will devour even the smallest bit of parmesan in it. They have steak that melts in your mouth out of pure tenderness, and sisig quesadilla that’s just a winner. They offer both Filipino and American food prepared and served by efficient staff. For a perfect dining experience, this is the place to be.

Address: C.M. Recto Ave | Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao 9000, Philippines

Tel No: +(63) 63 88 8800822



5 Summer Festivals You Must Know About

5 Summer Festivals You Must Know About

Summers are not just about beaches. The Philippines also offers loads of festivals for you to experience, participate in and enjoy. It’s just how we are. Here at Pueblo de Oro, we love celebrating the little things from selling our La Aldea del Mar Cebu units to enjoying our sports festivals. Nevertheless, with a culture like this, in a country so vibrant like the Philippines, we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s at least one fiesta or festival somewhere in the country on any given day of the year.

The origin of most fiestas in the early days is rooted in Christianity. It dates back to the Spanish colonial period when many of the predominantly Catholic communities in the country almost always had a patron saint assigned to each of them. Now, lasting anywhere between a day to an entire month, Philippine festivals are big cultural celebrations that attract both local and foreign tourists due to its colorful nature.

For example, if you lived in Pueblo de Oro Cebu, you would definitely have attended Sinulog. The truth is it doesn’t matter which month you travel, there will be a festival you’ll surely enjoy in different seasons. However, for the summer season, we have listed a couple of festivals you might be interested in:

Moriones Festival

Date/s: March 25 – 31

March is at the cusp of summer, and if you want a really memorable Holy Week experience, there’s no better thing to do than to head over to Marinduque for the Moriones Festival. Festival goers wear Morion masks (wooden creations meant to look like the Roman soldiers) on the streets during the Holy Week. The “Moriones” are men and women in costumes replicating the garb of biblical Roman soldiers as interpreted by local folks. The Moriones or Moryonan tradition has inspired the creation of other festivals in the Philippines where cultural practices or folk history is turned into street festivals.

Bangus Festival

Date/s: April 3– 14

The Bangus (milkfish) Festival is a fun celebration highlighting the country’s national fish, held yearly in April in Dagupan City. Fun fact: Dagupan City won a Guinness Book of World Records recognition for organizing the longest barbecue in 2003. Don’t forget to bring a bangus costume if you plan on joining this festival.

Pahiyas Festival

Date: May 15

One of the most colorful festivals in the country, Pahiyas festival, takes it to another level with creative house decorations made with colorful fruits, vegetables, handicrafts and kiping, a decoration made from rice flour. It is held annually in Lucban, Quezon in honor of San Isidro Labrador. are also part of the procession that makes its way through the town. The Higantes of Lucban originated as part of a religious celebration called Corazon de Jesus, honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Part of the activities is the dancing and parade of 2 papier mache Higantes (male and female) in colorful costumes.

Pintados- Kasadyaan Festival

Date: June 29

Officially marks the end of the summer season, the Pintados and Kasadyaan Festival have joined together to become the “Festival of Festivals.” Just like the Ati-Atihan, Dingayang, and Sinulog festivals, the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival celebrates the Santo Niño through arts and colorful parades. They also initiate various festivals from Leyte, the Buyogan Festival of Abuyog, Tanauan’s Pasaka Festival and Lingganay Festival of Alang-alang.

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Aliwan Fiesta once again gathers champion streetdance contingents from the different regions to celebrate the country’s biggest and most popular festivals in a single venue. Traditional fiestas, which are held annually to commemorate the foundation of a town or province, or honoring its patron saint, are brought together to highlight the Filipino’s indomitable and ebullient spirit, along with his mien for creativity and innovation. The event harnesses the power of Philippine festivals to showcase how religion, culture, and tradition are woven into the fiber of the nation. Along with a bevy of beauties, and master craftsmen who painstakingly construct floats using the most arresting mechanical and technical ideas, Aliwan Fiesta has invited local government units to bring to the fore local pride through their artistic talents, resources, and produce – all depicting traditional folklore. Fabulous prizes are at stake in this much-awaited event, which features the best of these fiesta islands. #aliwanfiesta #aliwanfiesta2019 #aliwanfestival 📸 @fujifilmph AX10 . . . #fiesta #likeforlikeback #likeforfollow #mommybloggerph

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Aliwan Festival

Date/s: Last weekend of April

Aliwan Fiesta is an annual event that celebrates different cultural festivals of the Philippines in Star City Complex in Pasay City wherein contingents compete in dance parade and float competitions. Although, it’s regarded more of a competition than it is a festival, it has undoubtedly added immense value to the growing interest in Filipino festivals. Although it just started in the early 2000s, it has already gained a strong participation nationwide with more than 5,000 young men and women from all over the country joining the competition.


What Are the Best Pasalubong Items from Pampanga

What Are the Best Pasalubong Items from Pampanga

Pasalubong is a Filipino tradition of travelers bringing gifts from their destination to people back home, but it’s more than that. The tradition of giving pasalubong is of utmost cultural importance for Filipinos as it strengthens the bond in the family, with relatives, and friends. With that in mind, let’s talk about Pampanga.

Pampanga is famous for its culinary wonders, and it may just be one of the best pasalubong stopover places ever. Most people would agree that your typical Pampanga pasalubong should include a wide variety of snacks and desserts, apart from the cured meats like tocino. If you live in Pueblo de Oro Pampanga, these treats will be within your reach. But in the meantime, a nice visit to this food-heaven of a province may just be the ticket to a full tummy (and a happier soul) for both yourself and your love ones.

So, here’s some of the best pasalubong items from Pampanga that you can buy – guaranteed to strengthen bonds, give joy, and remind you what happiness is all about:

Kakanin from Susie’s Cuisine

Started as a small carinderia in Angeles City, Susie’s Cuisine is now one of the growing home-grown restaurants and pasalubong stores in Pampanga. A bilao of Pampanga’s Tibuk-tibuk or Sapin-Sapin from Susie’s Cuisine may just be the answer to a rainy day or to that dessert craving at the end of every dinner. There’s no need to worry about food spoilage because they can be frozen, so you’d have ample time to bring them home.

Address: 36 Hilda Street, Nepo Mart, Angeles City

Tel No: +63 045 8880034

Buko Pandan and Siomai from Nathaniel’s Bakeshop

Founded in 1994 in the City of San Fernando Pampanga, Nathaniel’s Bakeshop started by selling homemade siopao and siomai to friends & neighbors at the family garage. Now, Nathaniel’s Bakeshop is famous for their “Pampanga’s Famous Buko Pandan Salad ®”. From baked goodies to their buko pandan cake, you’re sure to satisfy that craving with their delicious offerings.

Address: Km 69 Olongapo Gapan Road Dolores, San Fernando, Luzon 2000

Tel No: +63 45 961 4008

Little Maria's Yema

Image Source: WanderingBakya

Little Maria’s Yema and Tarts

Yema is a sweet concoction made with thickened milk. Some recipes include egg yolks; other recipes contain milk and only milk. Whatever yema you prefer, once you’ve tasted Little Maria’s yema, you won’t be able to stop popping one after another. Other treats to consider from this amazing shop are homemade delicacies such as marzipan cashew, which are like little balls of happiness.

Address: Lazatin Boulevard, Dolores, San Fernando City, Pampanga

Tel No: +63 45 409 8792

Turrones de Casoy

Image Source: My Culinary Adventure

Turrones de Kasoy by Ocampo-Lansang Delicacies

The home of the original Turrones De Kasoy is located in the province of San Jose, Sta. Rita, Pampanga. These cashew nut-filled treats are covered with an edible paper wrapper that has a milky and sugary taste. Ocampo-Lansang Delicacies has been making these delicacies the original and authentic way, so you’re definitely getting the best version of turrones out there.

Address:  Ocampo, Santa Rita, 2002 Pampanga


5 Awesome Hiking Spots Near Manila

5 Awesome Hiking Spots Near Manila

The Philippines have hundreds of mountains that it’s almost a shame if you can’t at least climb one. Mountaineering has without a doubt caught the attention of millennials in the recent years. Relatively recently, this sport was even viewed as unusual in the Philippines. Nowadays, we frequently hear people say that when you’re lost and broken, the mountains are there to heal you. Mountain climbing can help you grow and remove your stress.

They say, when you travel, it isn’t really the destination that matters but the journey. But then again who’s gonna say no to all the wonders of prime destinations? With a breathtaking view of the majestic Mt. Makiling as backdrop, Park Place at Pueblo de Oro Batangas may just be the ideal destination. Imagine, if you lived there, you can simply go on a hike to Makiling’s twin peaks while catching a glimpse of Los Baños and the nearby towns.

Fortunately, there are a lot of awesome hiking spots – all within a couple of hours drive from Manila. Here are some of amazing hiking spots you can conquer on a weekend:

Mt. Binacayan

Mt. Binacayan, one of the well-loved trio of Montalban along with Mts. Pamitinan and Hapunang Banoi, gives an impeccable view of Wawa Dam as well as the coveted morning sea of clouds which lucky visitors could witness atop the summit. If you are familiar with the folklore of Bernardo Carpio, a Herculean figure who was trapped between two rocks, then you need to hike these two mountains.

Travel Time from Metro Manila: 2 hours

Budget: Less than PHP 500

Mt. Maculot

Mt. Maculot is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful mountains in Batangas. Its trail does not beat around the bush as the climb becomes steep and moderately difficult. The famous Rockies provides one of the best views of the Taal Lake and Volcano. While it is widely known for unsolved mysteries and was frowned upon in the recent years due to a mountaineer’s death, it remains as one of the all-time favorites among hikers.

Travel Time from Metro Manila: 2.5 hours

Budget: PHP 900

Mt. Pico de Loro

Mount Palay-Palay, also known as Mount Pico de Loro, is a dormant volcano in Cavite province in the island of Luzon. The summit offers a 360-degree view of Cavite and Batangas. You can also see the famous Parrot’s Beak or Monolith.  At the summit, mountaineers can see the Parrot’s Peak and can even climb it if they feel daring enough. It’s definitely worth it to climb the peak just for the sights alone.

Travel Time from Metro Manila: 2 hours

Budget: PHP 1,000

Mt. Daguldol

Mt. Daguldol gives its visitors a refreshing climb courtesy of the sea breeze. The guides are organized under the Hugom Environmental Guides Association (HEGA). This means that fees are fixed and they are reasonable. Despite being a fairly small mountain range, Mt. Daguldol offers several gems of travel experiences. You can get a good view of the Laiya coastline every now and then while going up. You can hit the Laiya beach after your hike too!

Travel Time from Metro Manila: 4 hours

Budget: PHP 1,150

Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Mt. Gulugod-Baboy provides outdoor enthusiasts a sidetrip from their diving escapades and is now a popular hiking destination. For experienced hikers, it will only take an hour going to the summit. For beginners, it will take about two to 2.5 hours with multiple stops to rest and recover. At the peak, you will be mesmerized by the Janao Bay, Maribacan strait, a faint outline of distant Mindoro, Verde Island and Batangas Bay.  A funny thing about the summit is that there’s a road on the other side. So, if you don’t feel like going down by foot, you can hire a tricycle for P500.

Travel Time from Metro Manila: 2.5 hours

Budget: PHP 900